Анет посетила HK. Осенняя электроника

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Hong Kong - Oct.13,2017 & As the leading desktop 3D printer manufacturer, ANET brings a variety of newly developed 3D printers, invited to participate in the Hong Kong Asia Expo held by the Global Sources Electronics Show. Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show is one of the world's largest electronic products exhibition, this event a total of about 6500 booths, showing the world's most innovative electronic products.

During the exhibition, guests from home and abroad, including many exhibitors of the other factory staff, visited the experience of several new ANET 3D printer, and we have in-depth exchanges, both sides have benefited. We found that all walks of life generally have a real demand for 3D printers, such as almost every factory are involved in Shouban proofing, but limited by the perception of 3D printing technology, a large part of the factory did not use the 3D printer, they did not understand To, FDM3D printing is already a very mature, convenient, affordable technology.

There is a foreign customer experience after the emotion: 3D printing will change China. Yes, 3D printing is a technology that can subvert the traditional manufacturing imagination, will change the Chinese manufacturing and R & D model, a large number of shorten the cycle, cost savings. And ANET as the first to enter the 3D printing industry R & D manufacturers, we will, as always, excellence, dedicated to provide customers with more affordable all-round 3D printing solutions for the popularity of 3D printing applications and the rise of China's manufacturing sector building blocks.

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